Welcome to my site

Watercolours For Fun is a site where nothing is for sale, honestly!*

No limited edition prints or original art. No expensive online demos. No plein air trips to exotic European destinations and no sponsors plugging their products. Everything is absolutely free here, with the usual copyright warnings of course. As a long retired graphic artist and writer, I now paint for fun and enjoy painting in a medium which is often frustrating but immensely satisfying.

Hence the name of my site.

Watercolours For Fun, yes, and for profit, if you insist. You’re welcome to use whatever you find here to help you do better watercolours, whether you paint to sell, or do as I do – paint for fun.

Although watercolour has always been my first love since art school, I often work in and pen and ink, so you’ll find occasional posts in this medium too.

For a complete list of all my free step-by-step watercolour demos click here

  • In the interests of full disclosure, my new “Writer’s Blog” contains a link to my new non-fiction book I hope you will consider. But my art site is free of all sales pitches.