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I was born and educated in England, graduating from the Luton School of Arts (now Barnfield College) in 1945. It was my hope to become a graphic artist, but at the end of the Second World War returning service men and women had the first crack at the few jobs available, and rightly so. I took a number of jobs while I tried to break into my chosen field, and ended up being a reluctant carpenter. Many years passed and I emigrated to Canada in 1952, married a Canadian woman, started a family, and in 1955 finally started on a career which took in graphic arts, owner of my own graphics arts company, art director at an advertising agency, and careers in marketing, advertising and public relations. The above black and white photograph shows me as I began my graphic arts career, and this period of my life is featured in the affectionate and humorous look at the 1950s in my new book “Your Turn To Find the Hammer” 


 I wish I could claim that my passion for art burned brightly throughout those years, but alas, the need to make a living took prominence. As with many people, I always promised myself that when I retired I would get back to painting again. That time came in 1989 when my late wife and I were living the winter months in our condo in Destin, Florida. The late Robert Long, a talented watercolour artist, was offering private lessons from his nearby condo. He was my mentor and made my retirement years infinitely richer.

In those days Robert taught only technique, and there were rarely more than four to six of us in those early classes. From Robert, I regained my interest in photography as an adjunct to painting, and as the cliche goes – I never looked back. I have had many paintings accepted and hung in exhibitions in Florida and Ontario, where I now live. I’ve won some prizes, come first in some exhibitions, and occasionally won the Citizens’ Choice awards. But I mainly paint for fun – hence the choice of name for this site.


8 thoughts on “About the artist

  1. Love your paintings. I miss you on Periscope. Any plans on returning or do you do any broadcasts elsewhere?

    1. Hi Rich:

      Glad you like my stuff. I haven’t been on Periscope for some time as I found it took up too much time and energy to follow posts. You have reminded me though, that it’s fun and I may try again but cut down on the “favourites” so my inbox isn’t clogged with reminders. I’m not a huge fan of social media, but I have been writing fan fiction for a chat group called “As Time Goes By”. Stay well,

      1. I’m just now seeing your reply. Hope you are well. Wanted to also thank you for introducing me to Scott Adams on Periscope. He has been a game changer in how I do life. Hope to hear from you. Rich

  2. Hi John, I hope you still check the site.

    I came across you as I scrolled through the comments of Dylan Thomas reading do not go gentle into that good night . You’re very talented and I hope you’re doing well.

    1. Thanks, Chaylea. Off the air owing to pandemic blues and not being able to rescue the password so I and edit my ages.
      Still raging against the dying of the light at almost 95!

  3. Hello Mr Fisher,
    I own a beautiful watercolor painting of boys swimming at a quarry. I believe it may be the Dorset Marble Quarry in Vermont. I love it! It is signed J Fisher and dated 1965. Is this one of your paintings?
    Best Regards,
    Homero Munoz

  4. I found your enriching comment on an old documentary video and found your life story inspiring and beautiful. I hope to live my life so passionately as you have. Your artwork is gorgeous. I hope you’re still with us and doing well!

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