Oil paintings

Although watercolour has always been my first love even in my art school days of long ago, I do the occasional oil painting and some pen and ink work. My mentor in all things oil is my son David  http://artspike.ca/ who is one of Ontario’s best realism oil painters. I’ve gathered together all my alkyd oil paintings in chronological order.

“Wine & Cheese”Wine & Cheese_edited-1

My very first effort was this 8″ x 10″, based on a photograph taken by David. It was to be a long learning curve for me as in watercolour I paint from light to dark, and I had a tendency to “paint myself into a corner ” and forgetting that oil paints take up to six hours to dry. Even with this first effort, I began to love the vibrancy of oil colours and I determined I would try some more.

“The Snack”The snack_edited-1

This 11″ x 14″ was based on an earlier watercolour I’d done as an in-class exercise for one of my watercolour teaching sessions, but without the classic water-colour matt and frame it didn’t quite come off for me, but it was a learning experience.

“Salt & Pepper”Salt & Pepper_edited-1

Another 11″ x 14″ gave me experience with painting metal and glass, and I enjoyed this project as I have done many watercolours using similar objects. Image credit to Lillian Bell of PMP.

“Blue Ridge Mountain Steam”Smoky Mountains_edited-1

I decided to get ambitious and tried this 16″ x 20″ landscape. Weeks would often pass before I would able to get back to oils so I lacked continuous practice. This got a bit gaudy but I was learning how difficult larger oils can be. Image credit Jane Best of PMP.

“Preserving Summer”Preserving Summer_edited-1

By now I was planning a kitchen series, and this one gave me more experience in painting metal and glass. Once again the vibrancy of colour pleased me. Image credit Lillian Bell of PMP.

“Orange Juice”Orange juice_edited-1

My kitchen series was coming along with this 11″ x 14″.

Image credit Lililan Bell of PMP

“Cherries in Pewter”Cherries in Pewter_edited-1

Another 11″ x 14″ in my kitchen series. I was becoming more comfortable with oils and learned to wait overnight for my layers to dry.  Image credit Lillian Bell of PMP.

“Breakfast Reflections”Breakfast Refelections_edited-2

This 11″ x 14″ was tricky as I had to go back in so many times to put in highlights and modify errors of judgement about subtle colours. I’m a slow painter so these projects soak up many hours, but I find them enjoyable.  Image credit Lillian Bell of PMP.